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Our cases

Webinar platform for B2B projects and online entrepreneurs
Overcome the Barrier
Educational platform that connects tutors from LATAM with students in North America. Has know-how features that adjusts the learning course to each and every student individually, based on his speech, mistakes and patterns.
Interactive Web Application dedicated to all the Covid statistics around the world
Logistics company in the Netherlands
Bidding project for logistics company in the Netherlands. We fixed several bugs in Yii2 and did partial re-factoring so that everytrhing works properly
Real Estate Marketplace
This was a classified marketplace website with several levels of access: for property owners, agencies, and for buyers. It also had a Login and Personal Account for every user, where they could edit, manage and advertise their content and profile.
Vereniging van Toezichthouders in Woningcorporaties
The Association of Supervisors in Housing Corporations (VTW) is a professional association of and for approximately 1,200 members who, as supervisory board members, supervise 283 housing corporations.
Online school for women with custom-made educational platform